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The Full Video: Bahrain’s army deliberately kills peaceful protesters

Fast forward 3 minutes in. 

I hardly ever ask anything of tumblr but can you guys PLEASE just reblog this and spread it like wild fire to spread awareness of what is happening

how does this still only have 52 notes jesus christ

are people aware the US news isn’t really talking about this, and that by spreading this around, we’re taking it upon ourselves to raise awareness? How can an audio post of fucking Lou Bega have over 65,000 notes when this doesn’t even have 70?

People in Libya are being killed by their government, the one that is supposed to protect them. Help them.

obviously not skins related but this is a just a complete disgrace. i’m so disgusted that this can even happen in 2011. do whatever you can to help, people. free libya!

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over 6000 followers! i have been a bad tumblr..er but i really appreciate the support. keep loving skins.

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i’m having separation anxiety regarding gen 2…

i’m having separation anxiety regarding gen 2…

any resemblance?

any resemblance?

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